Road trip not complete without near-death experience


Betsy and I took the day off to get the hell out of Savannah on what we figured would be the most horrendous St. Patrick's day in recent memory. We thought it would be good to avoid the influx of 400,000 disorderly drunks hell bent on public urination and indecent exposure. Well, mostly the former. Ya'll know I loves 'dem tigole bitties! Anywho...

Driving down I-16 west of Statesboro, we encountered a jackass truck driver pacing another truck, driving side-by-side for miles, at 55mph (in a 70 zone). While this annoyed us and fellow drivers to no end, it wasn't as bad as what happened next - a 3x3 foot piece of plywood came off the poorly secured load on the trailer, arced gracefully through the air, flipping end over end... then slammed into our windshield.

Lucky for us, the board smacked flat against the windscreen, then scraped its way up across the roof, then into the hood of the car following behind. Probably a couple thou worth of damage, but preferable to getting decapitated, I suppose.

Quick action with Betsy's camera phone, and my blackberry's Google Local application netted us the number for the trucking company. We called the [|State Patrol]. Made good progress with the company... the pigs never showed up.


I am NEVER traveling with you.