My name is Chris, and I have a car problem

From the lovely wife on our way to dinner on Friday:

"Honey, do you have a car problem?"

Yes, I probably do. I took a perfectly good Porsche and traded it for a ridiculous 500hp BMW M5, filled with enough gadgets to occupy even Morgan for hours. Three months later, I've traded that perfectly good M5 on another BMW - a Z4 M Coupe. This car casts off any pretense of practicality by eschewing any rear doors, or seats for that matter. And it's bright red, so my next post may be dictated from my cell in the BCDC or the Chatham County Jail. Not that I speed, mind you.


Don't think of it as a car problem... think of it as a car opportunity.

"Come on down to Uncle Chris's Used Car Emporium! Don't forget our slogan: It doesn't quite cut it for me, but it'll be good enough for you!"

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I'll pitch that to Betsy... let's see if it flies.

What you need is a car that has two front ends-one is a roadster end and one is a 500 hp "responsible" end with a mid Porshe engine. Then you can get in whichever end pleases you in the morning!

for betsy's sake, good thing you don't go thru women the way you go thru cars and houses...

Sch-weet. that car is almost too purdy to drive. i do have to say i'm impressed b/c with each car purchase you take another step up the ladder of luxury. each one is always a little sharper and creates a wee more jaw-dropping factor. It makes me giddy to think about what's gonna be next ... besides your Dee-vorce ... Batmobile? Well there are certainly worse problems to have ... I suppose Betsy will find a way to tough it out. :-0