My ass has never been happier


We're well on our way to living like real people, now that we've crammed our couches into our cozy living room. I was really running the risk of getting healthy or something with not enough time laying supine with the TV on, powerbook on my lap slowly cooking my genitalia. Thankfully, any move toward raising my metabolism was averted when two men and a truck moved them from HHI to savannah. The couches, that is, not my genitalia.

The downer of this weekend was that I found that my car is slowly hemorrhaging oil from somewhere around the junction of the engine block and transmission. And the nearest Audi dealer (in Columbia, for christsake!) can't get me in until a week from Thursday. I guess that finally explains the faint burning smell whenever I get out of the car though. Update: The hemorrhaging of oil turned out to be a leak in the tailshaft seal, which is apparently common among S4's around 40k miles. That's for those parties that might be interested in a 2001 S4, well cared for, 44k miles, automatic, with new tires and O.Z. wheels!