Man, my ass is killing me


No, I didn't end up in the Beaufort County Detention Center or anything like that. Betsy and I spent our Saturday biking around scenic and beautiful Jekyll Island, down in deepest darkest southern Georgia. To paraphrase 'Debz', this place is what Hilton Head would be if it didn't suck so thoroughly. Ok, that's harsh. Let me clarify. This place is what Hilton Head would be if the vast majority of people that visit and live here didn't suck so thoroughly.

Instead of 10-bedroom rent-a-mansions along the beach with two to four earth crushing machines parked out front, you can actually ride or drive along the beach for several miles on nicely paved paths. Imagine that.

Heck, even the cops are nicer. As we sped north on US 17, bypassing the parking lot that was I-95 N on Saturday, I got a finger-wag from a GA Trooper, rather than the ticket I received from South Carolina's finest.

More pictures here.