Hello, I'm Johnny Cash


Seems I'm entering a Country/Folk music phase. I suspect this is a result of the combined brainwashing powers of my loving fiance and America's favorite commie-loving-tree-hugging liberal mouthpiece, National Public Radio. Of course, the fine folks at Apple aren't helping things either.

Tonight, the softly droning NPR voices in my head made me buy a bunch of tracks of Johnny Cash singing covers of various artists songs. My favorites are his renditions of nine inch nails' 'hurt' and Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus'. I was disappointed to hear him replace 'crown of shit' with 'crown of thorns' on 'hurt', though not nearly so disappointed as when the god fearing distributors of his 'best of' album bleeped 'son of a bitch' on 'A Boy Named Sue'. Cussin' makes Baby Jesus cry, after all.

I also have to endorse Todd Burge, a musician from Betsy's parts whose album unexpectedly showed up on iTunes as well. Unfortunately, it appears that Todd's getting screwed by a third party distributor, that supplied his music to Apple, but failed to actually pay him for it.