Is this the face of a demon?


I'm not so sure this is the dog for me. His level of energy is just a bit to much for my relatively even baseline of sloth. Yeah, he's cute and all, but man, can't I get a break every once in a while? I can barely sit still to type this because I'm watching to make sure that he doesn't eat something, rub the flea repellent on the sofa (you know, the stuff that says it may cause blindness if it contacts your eyes), or pees on the baseboards (found two spots already; We're going to have a 'territory' dispute pretty soon).

So yeah, I'm a wimp. But I've found a new respect for our little toothless sphere of fluff. That fluffball is apparently quite relieved to be away from the spawn of satan today.

On top of that, I'm wheezing, and I don't think its from my cold.