Even I have limits


Now in the past, I've professed on these very pages my love for stupid, idiotic movies. I'm easily amused, and not ashamed to admit it. Two weekends ago I even tortured my beloved with a trip to the world's worst theater to see Club Dread. I rate that movie a B-. Not nearly as amusing as Super Troopers, also from Broken Lizard, but the abundance of jiggling titties somehow made that A-OK.

But I've found a movie that was so absolutely stupid, so completely free of amusement that I could only take five minutes before my brain started to squirm inside its thick casing. That movie is Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist. I tried to laugh, really I did, but it came out as a defeated sigh. Sigh. Morgan, I'm really disappointed. You've let me down.