Is that a cannon in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


I spent the weekend in Savannah with Betsy. After gorging ourselves on succulent fried seafood and poultry at Captian D's on Saturday, we struggled to find something to do on an unseasonably cold and windy day. We, I mean I, thought, hey, why don't we go to that fort thing on the way to Tybee?

The parks service woman at the gate seemed suprised that we actually stopped and paid our $3 each. We headed into Ft. Pulaski and took a few goofy pictures and wandered around for a while. I feel we got our $6 worth.

The highlight was the obligatory video in the vistors center, where we sat in rapt attention with the half dozen other bored folks and history freaks that had wandered out to the place. It was worth sitting through it to see the goofy reenactor types in the movie hooting and hollering in their best confederate style.

Overall, a truly educational experience.

And I almost forgot - we dropped Mr. Bones off at his new home on Friday, where he got a little taste of his own medicine. When we brought his sorry just-got-my-nuts-snipped-out ass inside, 3 female dogs immediately descended upon him, and proceeded to chase him around the house, much as he had harassed Sephie a week before. I'm sure he'll get along fine, though.