$45 wasted


For the last several years, I've dragged Betsy out to the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance, which I now know is french for "crappy-ass car show". In past years, there's been some interesting hardware, like racing McLaren F1's, BMW M3 racecars, etc. At $20 a person, it's always been a slight ripoff, but this year took the cake.

This year, we saw more interesting vehicles outside the gates than inside. A shiny black Ford GT followed us in, and we passed a new Aston Martin AMV8 and other cool cars walking in.

Once inside, I'm afraid that unless you were a fan of 80's and 90's 'Vettes, and Roush Mustangs, there was little else that captured much interest. Someone was showing a damn [w:boxster|Porsche Boxster] fer christsakes, which around here are as plentiful as cockroaches.

I didn't even bother snapping a pic with the camera slung around my shoulder.


Don't forget the five dollars for PARKING and you forgot to comment on the Hilton Head chic attire.