Happy Birthday!

I present Soren Ray Yates, born 9:42 AM, 7lbs, 3.9oz.


Congratulations on a big healthy kid!

Congrats you guys!!

He definitely looks like he baked long enough. Congrats!!

Good Work! Red Head?

Way to go you two, though mostly Betsy. What a cutie with lots of red hair.

CONGRATULATIONS on your new happy family!!

Congratulations! Now keep that kid away from the TV for the next couple of weeks so his first memory isn't a McCain attack ad!

First of all, congratulations. Y'all are not full on into one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. I know y'all will be fantastic parents. Of course I think the kid will be a snarky, somewhat bubbly, highly intelligent, socially awkard child.....just joking. I am really happy for y'all.

I am however a bit confused. Last I heard the "creation" would be called Andrew Madison Yates. Hmmmmmmmmmm..........y'all got cold feet on that one, huh?


Congratulations Daddy! and Mommy too...glad that Soren arrived safely! Love the photos, keep them coming. ~lm

I stand in awe!

Congratulations Chris and Betsy!

I promise I won't refer to you as breeders.

Congratulations!! What a beautiful baby!!! I remember those first days well (though Liam is now 8 years old!)Enjoy it all!

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you both! He is gorgeous! See, you had to go move. Now we could all sit around together and you'd know what craziness our world is! Welcome to a great adventure. You'll love every minute.