It's what's pho dinner

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So I can cook. I even like to cook. I just choose not to. Most of the time anyway.

Every once in a while there's an exception, usually something asian like pad thai or a quick made-up stir fry. Tonight Betsy got a recipe from a roller derby chick and I whipped us up a couple of bowls of Pho. Apparently it's pronounced to rhyme with "duh" rather than "d'oh", rendering my crappy pun of a title even less amusing than it already was.

Anyway. This dish turned out pretty good, and was really easy - simply boil up some broth with onion, garlic and ginger, and pour over noodles topped with thinly sliced raw beef. In a few seconds it cooks, and is finished with some fresh basil and a dollop of hoisin sauce. Yum.