Nokia sucks. Mostly

Why can't I just buy a simple, durable cell phone. One that works well as a phone. Or at least works. No, I've got to get something fancy, something with bluetooth, calendar, color, all that crap. So far I've spent a stupid amount of money on goofy phones, one that's held together with tape, and one that I haven't seen for three weeks because it's at the repair center for the third time in as many months. Seems a software problem has caused it yet again to fry its circuitry. Joy.

At this point, I'd almost rather have one of those old 4 pound Motorola's like the one I accidentally drove over in a truck once (or twice).

Ok. Pointless rant over.


I got a call from the 'Office of the President' of Nokia USA. Apparently my bitching about my repeated problems with my phone made it up the line to someone who can actually do something about it, and they're sending me a brand new phone. Instead of 'waiting for parts' until who-knows-when.

Following Betsy's technique of filing angry complaints with large multinational corporations really does pay off, and I encourage everyone to do the same.