Reasonably impressed with new iPhone firmware ... MacBook Air ... not so much

While the Mac whore zealot was clearly awestruck by Apple's new MacBook Air, what with its svelte profile and light weight, not to mention complete lack of upgradability, less power and higher price than standard MacBooks... I was more interested in the latest iPhone firmware update that was also announced at yesterday's MacWorld Expo Stevenote.

First, those of us who aren't terribly interested in participating in the jailbreak arms race with Apple can now customize the home screen of the phone without installing new software and generally dicking around with things for very little benefit. So I can now banish the mostly useless Notepad and iTunes store to a second screen.

Furthermore, you can now save a web page as a widget directly on the home screen, which dovetails with Apple's philosophy of making iPhone development web-based rather than client based. I've got links to my Google calendar, Facebook, Newsgator and JiveTalk right up front.

iphone mapiphone map

The other cool feature is Google's new mapping application, which while sucking less than it did previously, now catches up to Google's version for the BlackBerry and other handsets, with the inclusion of the Location button. By clicking on the little crosshair icon, the Gmap app will use cell tower triangulation to try and find your location. It's nowhere near as accurate as GPS, to be sure, but it's a handy feature, and seems pretty accurate

In the pic, we're only off by 50 yds or so. Not bad for those "where the f--- am I?" moments.