We're here

We made it. That's about all I got.


Congratulations. Now whenever there's a joke cracked about Georgia or South Carolina, you can sit back smugly and think, "That's not me!"

Hi guys,
I'm just getting back from Chicago so I'm only now catching up on the blogs.

1. I'm so sorry to hear about the Jelly Bean. She was a great dog. She is the second animal of a former Packeteer (yes, I said former) to take her leave over the weekend. Kathy Stevens, a former reporter who is now in Pennsylvania, lost her cat, Sweetie, on Sunday. So last week was a very sad animal week all around. But I'm sure she's with you in doggie spirit and somehow planned all that rain just so you could stop at Bob's Big Steaks (where smoking is encouraged) in Tex-ass.

2. I'm so glad you made it safely. I hope all your shit gets there safely as well.

3. I'm still working on doctor recs for Betsy in the Phoenix area. I hope to have some info by this weekend.

Talk to you all soon!!