Moving [email protected]#%ing sucks, Part 2

Well, phase I of our move out west is now complete. We're no longer the owners of our lovely house on Taylor Street. It now belongs to one of the founders of this site. We're a little sad to see it go, but glad everything went relatively smoothly with the sale.

The actual act of moving, however, was a bit more complicated.

First, the movers didn't show up as scheduled on Wednesday to pack our stuff. When I called the company's coordinator at 10 AM (they were supposed to be there at 9) her response was "They're not there?" Uh oh. They eventually called back and said they were going to pack all in one day.

Thursday arrives, and with it, a huge semi, an old dude driving, and a couple of guys to pack and load all our stuff. Luckily, we don't have much.

Of course one of our SCADdie loser neighbors in the rental house a few doors down didn't pay attention to my polite sign asking that the spaces in front of our house be vacated by 8:30 for the truck to park. So we had to park next to her, with most of the truck in the street (facing the wrong way on 1-way street, so the access doors could be opened on the left side of the van). We left ample clearance to the left of the truck, enough for even garbage trucks to barrel past.

A napoleonic officer with the SCMPD viewed all this as an opportunity to assert his authority over us, and demanded that the driver move the truck (that wasn't blocking traffic), saying we should park in the lane "where deliveries are supposed to be made". Never-mind the fact that there's no way to maneuver a 75 foot moving van down the narrow lane, and doing so would block the trash collection as well as trap several people in their homes.

I ended up making some calls to the Savannah "Traffic Engineering" department, and got a permit fast-tracked by using some of Betsy's connections to people in high places. Turned out it wasn't needed, because the cop never came back (found some bigger fish to harass, perhaps), and we were done loading by the time they called me back anyway.

In the end, almost everything got packed and loaded, and is now on its way out west. Everything else went in the trash:

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Glad to hear everything went ok for the most part. I hope you avoid our nightmare scenario when we moved to California. Next time, I'm just dumping everything I own in the front yard and lighting the whole f'ing pile on fire. Probably costs less in the long run.

I'm happy and sad ... I'm sad because I liked that house (as I have said) but am glad I spent some time there over New Year's. I'm happy that you're escaping the Packet's firm grip and scurrying away quickly. Now I have to go plan my trip to Arizona. Keep us posted on the move!