Who'da thunk? It's waterproof!

When my bride and I got into the car to head to the gym tonight, I looked around thinking my [w:iPod Shuffle] was tucked away in one of the compartments after our last gym/dinner/grocery trip. But no luck. I figured I left it in my car instead.

Turns out, I left it in the pocket of my shorts a couple nights ago. Which went into the hamper. And then into the washer. And then the dryer.

Betsy pulled a tangled mess of lint, earbud cord and neck strap from the pocket, and against the odds, I fired the little sucker up, and it started blaring out one of AC/DC's classier ditties, "Givin' the Dog a Bone". Good times.


For the record...USUALLY those shorts are empty when I put them in the wash. Well, empty of electronics, anyway. hehe.

Better be checking his pockets more regular like in case one of them thar doggies lands herself in a pocket and goes thru the rinse and dry cycle. Them be some poofy poms. heehee