On the new server


I finally started moving my site (and Betsy's) to another host, after getting fed up with poor performance, mediocre customer service and the frustration of having to do every single task on the server through a web-based control panel.

I upgraded at Randy's suggestion to JohnCompanies' linux virtual private server setup, running on the [w:Virtuozzo] virtualization platform. While it costs about the same for two months as my previous host cost for a whole year, with this setup, I've got root access to pretty much do whatever I want with the server, for a lot less than a real dedicated machine. Heck, the rules even allow porn!

Plus, the customer service is the best I've had with an ISP, bar none. I sent an email asking about backing up my DNS, and within 10 minutes, a real person had responded and fixed it for me. Can't beat that.

And why do you care, gentle reader? Well, you probably don't, so without further delay, I give you a flashback to the intArweb circa 1995: