How to get a Samsung HM250JI hard drive to play nice with your MacBook

My loyal readers reader may want to tune this one out. I'm going to take a brief respite from my usual fare sophomoric humor and crude language to delve into the geekery necessitated by the recent shortage of space on my precious, yet abused, MacBook, caused saving far too many pr0n files important spreadsheets.

Anyway, the 80 GB drive I thought I'd never use up was filled to the brim, so I purchased a 250 GB, 5400 RPM Samsung HM250JI drive from NewEgg.

It took about 2 minutes to remove the old drive and slot in the new one. I'm not going to be redundant here, so you can just go download the PDF instructions from Apple instead.

Then the fun part. I attempted to use the Apple Disk to partition and format the drive, and it failed. Over and over again. Sometimes the volumes would show up, sometimes they wouldn't.

I googled and googled some more.

I finally hit upon the correct keyword incantation that told me that you need to go to Samsung's support page for the HM250JI drive and download a firmware utility.

Download the file. Burn the ISO file to a CD. Boot from said CD. Let the firmware updater do its thing.

Shazaam. Now Disk Utility will play nice with the drive, and you'll have plenty of room for your midget-bondage-foot-fetish-golden-shower pr0n powerpoint presentations.


OMG, I actually understood your post. I'm slowly geekifying. Of course had you not talked me through my latest hard drive installment I'd be clueless.
Your reader

That was a fairly simple process, I note that the new fab HP dv2799 limited edition laptop has this drive also. What are speeds like on the mac with this drive?