"Millions of Microbes", or "Supermarket Sushi"

I've occasionally passed by the seafood case at the supermarket and looked at their meager sushi selection, and thought - That can't be a good idea - raw fish wrapped in plastic, sitting for who-knows-how-long. Today, despite the desperate urgings of my self-preservation instinct, I picked up a serving of spicy rolls, brought them home, and promptly wolfed down all nine in minutes. Not half bad, actually.

Now I'm wondering if my body is about to be besieged by some virulent strain of marine microorganism. No problems so far, but you never know. Karma is overdue to give me a swift kick me in the nuts, after all. You can only make fun of the old, infirm and mentally challenged for so long without repercussions.

So, gentle reader, if you don't hear from me, I should be pretty easy to find. I'll be curled up in agony in a corner of my bathroom, cursing both the rogue amoeba poisoning my intestines, and the Publix Corp. of Winter Haven, FL.