"Help! My brain is bleeding!" and other weekend excitement

Well, it was really another weekend of sloth in Savannah. Just the way I like it. In my defense, I did plan some physical activity, but my plans were quashed by my own stupidity. I went through the trouble of putting the bike rack up the car, and loading up our bikes, and hauling them down to savannah... only to get 99.9% of the way there, and realize that I hadn't bothered to put my bike shoes in the car as well. (Yeah, smartass, I've got bike shoes, they go great with my spandex shorts and nipple rings.) So much for that.

Now as for the cerebral hemmoraging - Betsy had her piano tuned yesterday afternoon, which apparently consists of sequential and repeated plinking of keys, while making minute adjustments to the tension on the strings. It's not too bad, until you get to the treble side of the keyboard, whereupon the sound begins to feel like an rusty icepick stabbing again and again at the tender grey matter of my frontal lobes. Did I mention I had a headache?