Gotta love A&E reenactments

I was flipping through channels and stopped for some unknown reason on one of A&E's archetypal true-crime-reenactment type shows. This particular one was about a couple of pot-growing hippies killing an elderly couple and stealing their sailboat. The pivotal scene was the attempted apprehension of the killers when they come ashore at a Hawaiian marina.

Fugitive A, male, upon seeing the coast guard approaching (slowly, in a motorboat), takes a running dive off the dock, leaving his female accomplice to row for it in her dinghy. The man is apparently quite the swimmer, as he manages to evade his pursuers. Did I mention that the good guys had a boat?

Fugitive B, female, makes a run for it, after reaching the dock. She sprints what seems to be about a mile and a half, with an old guy and a coast guardsman in hot pursuit. Hot pursuit in this case is more of an amble, or in the geezer's case, a hobble. Somehow this pair runs down the perp in short order, who they find hiding behind a potted plant.

And that's where I realized I was watching A&E, and promptly changed the channel.