How is it that I'm posting this before Dearth?

Ah, fancy-pants liberal arts colleges. Always thinking creatively. Probably all of the group hugs, women's studies majors and Division - III sports. Spawn of Cap'n Fun and his bride of course attended one of the fancier of the fancy-pants fine liberal arts colleges, where each student is treated like the special, unique flower that they are, Wisconsin's own Beloit College.

Beloit has compiled a MINDSET LIST®, whatever that is, about the class of 2011, those special little flowers that weren't even germinated until after the cold war ended.

To synopsize, basically the damn kids these days don't have any idea what the Berlin Wall was (#1), never watched Carson (#61), and won't stoop to sully themselves with tap water (#7). These are the memes that shape the bright young liberal artsy minds of tomorrow apparently.

"But Chris," you say, "didn't you attend some fancy-pants college too?"

Oh no, my friend. My Alma Mater didn't have no group hugs and underwater basket weaving. No sir. We done had Agricultural Mechanization (or Ag-Mech to those in the know) and Poultry Science. You can't even graduate if you don't know how to sex a chicken. Cum Laude if you do it in the biblical sense.


I never took Underwater Basket Weaving. I did, however, take Magic as a Performing Art during my senior year.

And being a women's studies major was a great way to pick up chicks.

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Touché. Well played, sir. Well played.