Am I the only one


...who constantly gets kicked out of Facebook in the middle of doing something, and has to log back in?

It's enough to make me go back to posting on my own web site.

How many engineers do they have, anyway?


I think they've been having issues today.

BTW, your new banner? What's the theme of it? Modern American Macular Degeneration?

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I've been having issues every day for a few weeks. Which is closing in on my tolerance level for a web site to work or not.

What, you don't like my code flag and Savannah skyline theme?

According to the link above, the Y flag also means "I'm dragging anchor", which is often true.

I think they've broken something in all their AJAXy Web 2.0 paradigm code. Put FB in a tab, click away from it *paaaauuuuuse* click back to it *paaauuuuse* That just ain't natural.

Yes, you're certainly dragging an anchor... through my fovea.