Chicago recap

[img_assist|nid=371|title=You can't spit out the window|desc=View from the Sears Tower. No tossing pennies, loogies or small children from here folks.|link=none|align=none|width=500|height=333]

My update from our trip to the Windy City - a half a week late and at least $3.50 short.

Two of my faithful readers either lived in the city at one time or close enough and were helpful enough to send along suggestions, which in both cases read like the script of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I took some of them to heart, but was disappointed that I was unable to find a priceless Ferrari to drive about town in, and that I was unable to spit off the top of the Sears Tower. And boy was the security guy mad when he saw my loogie on the window.

The food: We sampled "Chicago Style" deep-dish from two locations. First at Pizzeria Due a couple blocks from our hotel. Since we were arriving at a positively geriatric dining hour, we walked right up and got a table outside. Patrons that arrived a short while later were not so lucky. Oddly, this joint is a block away from Pizzeria Uno, of the same ownership, where a line was snaking out the door and down the sidewalk.

On the last night we ate at Gino's East on Superior, which both Vicki and Brian suggested. We waited here for about half an hour before we could be seated. The baked (or more likely fried) ravioli appetizer was delicious and we liked this pie better overall. However, I still prefer NY-style big, cheesy foldin'-style pizza.

We also ate at a swanky Italian place with the group from Betsy's office, courtesy of her boss' boss. Very good as well.

I was absolutely repulsed by the pictures of the "Chicago Style" hotdogs on some storefronts near the hotel, complete with cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and god knows what else. I didn't care to try one.

[img_assist|nid=370|title=Shedd Aquarium & Field Museum|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=250|height=166]The attractions: We went first to the Shedd Aquarium. On a Saturday. In June. Needless to say, there were hordes of children and misbehaving adults, and lots of clinically depressed wildlife. I'm pretty sure that the sea lion was trying to hang himself in his pen. Normally I'm a big aquarium fan, but this one was pretty weak.

I also went to the Art Institute and the Field Natural History museum. The former was very cool, the later somewhat mediocre - again, I prefer New York's version.

The wife and I also took a trip to the top of the Sears Tower to get a view of the lake, the city and the vast expanse of flat nothingness that is the midwest. We also took a 90 minute boat ride around the Chicago River and out to the lake, which was worthwhile, but maybe 30 min too long, according to the Wife Unit.

Overall, an enjoyable mini-vacation. Unfortunately it got more expensive when we got home and realized that I'd left my brand-new sunglasses at Gino's and Betsy left a pair of shoes at the hotel. Of course, neither were found.


Of course, if you had found a snazzy Ferrari to zip around Chicago in, you would have traded it in for a BMW after about 3 days.