So many choices


Now the fun part. Within less than 30 days we have to:

  • Move out of our house in Savannah.
  • Find a place in the Tempe/Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale area.
  • Move ourselves and all our crap 2200 miles across the country.

I've made at least 8 moves in the last 9 years, but they've all been local. Any advice on a long cross-country move?

I'm considering

1) Having professional movers pick up our stuff, and move it. Maybe pack it too.

2) Renting a Penske truck and car trailer and hauling it ourselves.

3) Getting a Pod.

I have no idea what #1 costs - an estimator can't even get out here until next Thursday - and we have to be out of the house by the Thursday after that.

#2 would suck, but is the cheapest for the size (a 26' diesel truck and car trailer).

#3 is a bit of an unknown. Vicki says they were pretty good when she moved from Bluffton to D.C., but they only come in 16 foot varieties for long distance moves. I think we have a bit too much to fit in a 16 footer, but not enough to justify two of them (and the enormous cost). Just a single container costs as much as the whole truck/trailer/fuel shootin' match from Penske. And I'm worried about what might happen to Betsy's piano en-route.

With any of the options, we might have to ship my car as well, so the wife wouldn't have to drive the whole route by herself.



Number 1 for us was a shade under 6k, using Graebel and the ASU discount. However, we were underestimated a bit, but we also have about two thousand books, which I'm given to understand is more than most people have. :-) That was us packing, but them loading, transporting and unloading at the other end. Also, February (when we moved) is the slow move season. After Memorial Day, I know the rates go up a lot, but I don't know about May.

We ponied up about $4K to move from Blufflestank to Palm Springs. We packed it up ourselves and this was in October. However, we used a shady, fly-by-night service. I do not recommend this.

You are on the right track by having movers do an on-site estimate. You also should not sign a contract unless it has a "Will Not Exceed" estimate. But being the savvy shopper you are, I'm sure you know that already.

Remember, if you wish, you will have help unpacking in Phoenix. I'm sure both Debz and Randy will be happy to cart your crap around while you and I acquaint ourselves with the neighborhood Hooters.

Hah, fat chance, Buckwheat. If I'm unpacking, you'll be doing the same until we're done.

However, this works in our favor, because then at Hooters the beers will be on Chris. :-)

I have heard of many folks using Pods and being happy with them. But if you have nice things (we don't), you might want the insurance from having someone else do it. Check out any moving company with BBB.