Thoughts on airport security from someone braver and funnier than me

Whenever I flew on business pre-9/11 (which was maybe twice a year, I'm no road warrior), I preferred to pack all my stuff into a carry-on bag, rather than risk having the airlines send my baggage on exotic trips to the far east, while I make my way to the vacation paradises of Sacramento or Raleigh.

Given my luck with air travel (or lack thereof), I continued this habit until some genius would-be terrorists managed to get liquids banned from carry-on baggage with a plot that was at best, improbable, if not impossible.

So I checked my bags from then on. Most recently though, I was traveling for such a short time, I decided I'd brave it. I packed my toothpaste and shampoo and such into the required 1-qt ziploc bag, and I was nervous that I was going to get my contact lens solution confiscated because it was one ounce over the 3-oz limit that apparently turns fluids of any kind into volatile explosives.

But thanks to John Hargrave, I now know how to get around those rubber-gloved-body-cavity-searching TSA troops hell bent on protecting the flying public from the apocalyptic power of my saline solution, Crest and Right-Guard.