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Displaying multiple axes for a single series in Flex charts

I'm building a Flex application for work used to manage and manipulate infrared spectroscopy data.

Typically, this data is plotted like so, using Gnuplot or some similar plotting package.

Where one or more series are plotted where X values are wavelength/wavenumber and Y values are emissivities.

Finder-like column view from hierarchical lists with jQuery

Mac OS X's Finder features a nifty NeXT throwback - the column view. This lets you browse through a hierarchy of files in a relatively compact space, and still see your path through directory structure.

Ok already, just show me the downloads!

OS X Column View

There are a couple of jQuery plugins in the archive that claim to do this, but none really fit my core needs:

About time

Yeah, I finally got around to re-theming my site, and moving it to Lighty at the same time.

How did I manage this? Søren was being pacified by his Granddaddy and Grandma Carol:


Semantic Tabs with jQuery

This plugin creates tabbed panels from semantic markup. What does this mean?

Many (most?) javascript tab solutions tend to take the following approach: In the markup, create a list of elements to use as the tabs themselves, then create a list of elements to use as the tab panels, like so:

More cool apps

Since my last post about cool software was so enthusiastically received, here's another, with some more cool apps I've been using lately.


Evernote is a cross-platform note taking application that lets you create, access and search notes. They've got versions for the iPhone and Windows Mobile, along with Mac and Windows, of course. You can tag, search, etc.

Multi-column lists with jQuery, an alternative method

So I needed a method to take a long, nested list and turning it into a compact, multiple acolumn list, in order to display it as sort of a site map for the home page for a site I'm working on.

Being a huge fan of jQuery, it was naturally my go-to library of choice.

Scanning the plugins site, I found a possible solution from a feller called Ingo Schommer called columnizeList.

NASA: Making it as difficult as possible to get the data you need

It's becoming clear to me that many (perhaps not all) NASA web sites and web services are set up in such a way that it's damn near impossible to get the information you need out of them without chanting the correct incantation and sacrificing a chicken. It's a bit frustrating, and a bit like the web c. 1999.

Morgan goes to the beach

Here's Morgan's blow by blow report from his trip to the beach. Yes, he apparently twittered every couple of minutes. Please join me in making fun of him. Read from the bottom up.

morganbonner: This is your beach reporter Morgan signing off. I have survived another battle with the elements, though only by sheer luck.... about 1 hour ago from web

morganbonner: Yep, she's packing up to leave. Wouldn't you know it, an attractive woman just arrived in front of me. Figures. about 1 hour ago from web

My first real contribution to open source

So I finally gave something back. Granted, in proportion to how I've benefitted from open source software over the years, it's not much. But it's (marginally) better than nothing, right?

I released a Drupal module I call Commentify, which is one of several modules I wrote (or thought up/architected) to integrate Drupal with the proprietary CMS we use at work.


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